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PortaGreen provides a hassle free cylinder return program designed to reduce HAZMAT costs and your carbon footprint.

  • Eliminates HAZMAT Liability
  • No Disposal or Return Fees
  • Reduced Cylinder Footprint
  • Increased Shelf Life
  • Easy To Return
  • All blends available

Patent Pending Process

The PortaGreen Strip & Ship Recyclable Cylinder program provides a low-cost, no hassle method of returning your empty cylinder(s) in three easy steps.

Strip & Ship Instructions

PortaGreen FAQ

What is PortaGreen?

PortaGas’ initiative featuring re-designed cylinders that can be returned to PortaGas for re-filling and re-use, eliminating HAZMAT disposal fees and reducing end user’s carbon footprint.

Which cylinders are affected by the PortaGreen initiative?

34 DAL / 58 DAL / 103 DS / 116 DAL

Are rental 33 cuft / 150 cuft / 300 cuft cylinders available through the PortaGreen program?


What information is visible; how are the cylinders labeled?

The Strip & Ship packaging provides standard safety and contents information. There are also easy to read return instructions with pictorials printed on the label.

Are the cylinders approved for overseas distribution?


Are the regulators currently in use in the field still able to be used on the new cylinders?

Yes. 1,000 PSI regulators can be used with PortaGreen cylinders.

Is PortaGas changing or adding part numbers for the PortaGreen program?

No. Currently used part numbers are used for new PortaGreen cylinders.

Are the old standard aluminum and steel cylinders still available?

Yes; only by special request, requiring new part numbers.

What is Strip & Ship?

Strip & Ship is a packaging option that allows end users to return empty PortaGreen cylinders to Portagas for refilling.

What are the requirements for packaging the return cylinders?

Follow directions printed on shrink wrapped cylinder.

If a customer orders more than one cylinder; ie. a six or twelve pack, how will the cylinders be packaged / shipped / returned to PortaGas?

Multiple cylinder orders will be packaged and shipped to end users in corrugated boxes with a prepaid return shipping label in a shipping pouch attached to the inside panel of the box. Place empty cylinders back into box after use. When box is filled with empty cylinders, remove return shipping label from pouch, seal box, place shipping label sticker on outside of box, and place box with FedEx packages for carrier pick-up.

What can a customer do if the return packaging tube or end caps are misplaced?

Contact PortaGas customer service; replacement tubes and end caps will be shipped to end user.

What is the additional cost for the Strip & Ship packaging and freight costs?

Nothing. All packaging and shipping costs are provided to the end user, free of charge.
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